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On Fire with Linda Fields

Aug 27, 2021

With all the noise going on in life, it can be hard to focus on God’s voice. Life can feel like it’s weighing you down, and you can’t hold it all on your own. Join Linda as she talks about how to prevent the negative thoughts and challenges from taking over, and instead just letting God take control. Discover the...

Aug 16, 2021

Join Linda and Jordi Bostock today talking about what the Bible teaches single women about living a whole life and being diligent in the pursuit of purpose.  Discover how to purposefully connect with others and how to carry yourself well with God-given desires.

Aug 11, 2021

Join Linda and Jordi Bostock today talking about how plans for a reality show were paused during COVID but gave birth to a new magazine.  Discover how to view life's challenges in a way that moves you forward into success with Jordi Bostock, Ms. Texas State title 2012, author, a minister from Potter's House School...

Aug 2, 2021

A grassroots movement is springing up to set the world ablaze. ON FIRE with Linda Fields is looking for Believers, who are Thought Leaders in each of the 7 spheres of influence (business/economics, government, family, church, media, education, and arts/entertainment) to participate in events. We are looking for...