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Linda Fields Show

Jul 26, 2021

I'm on a mission my friend to set the world ablaze with ON FIRE Believers LIKE YOU, walking in the fulness of their calling and reclaiming territory in the 7 spheres of influence.  I'm doing this through a movement called ON FIRE, which includes a supportive community of Kingdom Colleagues, events all over the globe,...

Jul 12, 2021

Your race in life matters more than you may realize. And God has provided everything you need in advance.  Get free of the things that entangle your feet my friend and get ready to run your race like never before.
God is calling you to sign up again for your Holy Assignment and bless your friends, customers, clients,...

Jun 28, 2021

Finding the opportunity in all the change is where you want to be the last half of 2021.  Quit wasting time on old goals that aren't working. You have permission to delete the old goals and Set New GOALS. You are called to be an ON FIRE BELIEVER bringing change in your spheres of influence and it's your time to...

Jun 21, 2021

Even the best plans can be derailed by the storms that rage. Find out how to make plans that succeed no matter what comes. Ride the storm, push ahead in God's strength, and see your vision come to be!


Jun 14, 2021

Are you too busy to hear God's voice today as you start your day?  You could be bypassing the wisdom you need to make a critical decision in the success of your life and others, the insight you require to make an important call, or meeting that next big client by divine assignment. Join Linda Fields each week to...