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On Fire with Linda Fields

Feb 27, 2018

Impact your sphere in the 7 Mountains of Society by learning how to expose the falsehood of the sacred vs secular belief. Listen to receive a blessing from preachers in the marketplace.

Feb 19, 2018

What challenges do you face to transform yourself and your business? Listen as certified coach Bill Pavelich discusses mental toughness, how to see where you are going correctly, and what you can do to transform your life.

Feb 13, 2018

Stepping into your purpose is a holy pursuit. Listen as Linda speaks on the divine set up to advance in your calling. Move forward in knowing you have to go for your purpose and dreams by working hard.

Feb 6, 2018

Engage to start and end the year strong. Linda unpacks the spiritual business tools you need to accelerate in God's vision for you and say no to what is holding you back. Listen to start strong now.