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On Fire with Linda Fields

Mar 26, 2018

Step into the anointing of Deborah. Linda Fields is calling men and women with this prophetic declaration to have an impact on their communities and government. Listen to this message for your own life, and share it with others. Read more with Linda's article on SpiritLed Woman website

Mar 21, 2018

Join Linda in a casual conversation with Dave Yarnes, the Director of Kingdom Business Association and leader at Morning Star Ministries.
Get a behind the scenes look at the life of kingdom entrepreneur and leader Dave Yarrnes.

Mar 14, 2018

David Harris Jr., from Redding, California, founder of a successful health and wellness company talks with Linda about how not to get ahead of God in our lives and businesses. Listen to his story as David explains how he went from professional dancer, to drug dealer, to successful entrepreneur following God. 

Mar 5, 2018

What is Transformation? How do you transform the atmosphere in your workplace? Find out how to bring transformation to your space whether you are in a cube, a company, or home office.