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On Fire with Linda Fields

ON FIRE with Linda Fields is a movement designed to calibrate, validate, and activate men and women who love God...putting God-inspired plans into action to carry out their callings. 

Consider the current state of the 7 spheres of influence (Business/Economy, Government, Education, Family, Arts, Media, and Church). For example, many leaders in government are for the choice to kill unborn babies. Numerous mainstream media icons are producing content that goes against the core beliefs of followers of Christ. Some educators are prohibiting prayer in schools. The list of instances, where the enemy has tried to take over, goes on and on. But it doesn't stop there. Suicide and depression rates are on the rise. Countless individuals say they struggle to find meaning and purpose in life. 

AND we, as Believers in Christ, have hope! God is faithful to finish the work He started. ON FIRE with Linda Fields exists to help you complete your God-given assignments and/ or help you determine what they are. Whether it's increasing your current sphere of influence or changing paths to walk into your God-given purpose, if you want to set the world ablaze through HIS power, join us at to get engaged.

Dec 2, 2021

The past two years have been hard for all of us. The pandemic has slowed a lot of things down, whether it be projects, business plans, or ideas. It has made a lot of us just feel defeated. Thankfully, we have God to lean on and continue to carry us. We are in a time where God is searching for leaders who are willing to take a giant leap of Faith and say YES to what He has for you no-matter what is going on around you. Join Linda as she talks about how to be a leader in the season God has put you in, and how to defeat the obstacles and doubts Satan tries to throw your way.

For more information on everything new and upcoming with ONFIRE with Linda Fields, visit the website and her Facebook page @OnFirewithLindaFields