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On Fire with Linda Fields

Nov 17, 2021

Some of us have always desired to live in a world where we could work from home and have FREEDOM to do our work when and wherever we want. Staying at home, having your own schedule, and wearing your comfy clothes all day sounds like a dream, right? Because of the pandemic, a lot of us had to start doing that, and found out quickly that that might not be all what we thought it would be. For some of us, remote working can make us feel suffocated or unmotivated. You might be feeling like your whole life is unorganized and remote work has just caused a whole lot of unnecessary stress. I can assure you; you are not alone with these feelings. Fortunately, we have a few solutions for you to get back in your zone and feel that familiarity again. Join Linda as she discusses a few tips on how to reignite your passion and turn your frustration into motivation!

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